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Skinny assed Bebot Shiela Cruz works it for our cameras!

Shiela Cruz

So another early set from a girl who has become one of our favourites. Yah she is a little bit ummm wierd looking and asymmetric but she can move that skinny little ass at about 4000 RPM. And I have told this story before about how these girls all start out doing softcore and then go buck wild when the begin to see how much they can make with their asses…Shiela started the same way with a couple of nude shoots and then after about two weeks she was doing gagging blowjobs (which we will have up for you soon). Oh yah the word Bebot means Babe in Tagalog…It has kinda migrated into English usage ever since the Black Eyed Peas did the song Bebot on their last CD. Anyways take a look at these other galleries if you like her!

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