Teen Filipina Girls
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Thank god for skinny girls! I love them.

Skinny Filipina Girl

One interesting thing about running a blog like this is that you get access to a lot of statistics, and because of that you can find out a few curious truths. One thing is that the voluptuous girls whom you would think would get a lot of clicks don’t…It’s the skinny and flat chested girls who get all of the activity. So in keeping with this scientific truth I would like to present the skinny teenage ecstacy that is 18 year old Edmilyn in the shower. Enjoy!

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Did you forget about this girl? A perfect naked Filipina girl.

Naked Filipina

Perfect nude Filipina perfection. I had thought that in case you had forgotten what that looks like we would remind you with this picture of the awesome Alma Chua. Yep we are a bit behind in our posting here but that is all going to change and we are going to be bringing you some all new Manila hotties. Enjoy.

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