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Sexual Intercourse

Puffy nippled Ella has just found out that her guy Rey (who is riding her at the moment) may have been riding some of our other girls in previous photo shoots. As you can see by her eyes she is about to blow and we have caught this magic moment on camera. Hell hath no fury like a jealous woman..and you can double that for a Filipina. I can say that we did manage to convince her that it was not her guy in some of the other pics she had seen and we were able to finish the video. This is some white hot make up sex and not to be missed.

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Third world bar girls – bargain sex tourism with Ella and Bebe!

Bar girls

These two girls are just in from the countryside and fresh to the Makati go go bar scene. Ella is amazed at all the things in the big city…the cars and things like Ipods that she has never seen before. Bebe is too dumb to really notice much and just does as she is told. Meet 18 year olds Ella and Bebe…They are fresh to the Philippines sex industry and still willing to do anything to please you. Their freshly shaved pussies are relatively uncorrupted, and still have a tight grip. Wanna see more of these girls including the video? Only at Teen Filipina.

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