Teen Filipina Girls
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Skinny Filipina beauty Tanya works cock.

Flat Chested

One thing I love about these fresh girls is that they are not jaded yet by the day to day routine of the Manila sex industry. 18 Year old Tanya still gives a geniune smile when she makes her clients cum…And she gets a secret thrill from getting semen all over her tiny titties.

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Filipina Domestics. I’m willing to bet our Filipina maid service is better than yours.

Filipina Domestic

So how many times have you read lately that some guy is having sex with his filipina maid. In fact even the idea of a filipina maid has been compromised throughout the world, and it has largely become synonymous with “sex worker”. Where does the fault in this all lie? Well largely with the press for sensationalizing anything sordid. So our girl Alma here is not a real domestic, but we all thought it would be fun to do a little sex play on the filipina maid theme. Alma is not bothered by it as she is living large and is nobody’s servant. She looked great in this little french maid costume…It could barely contain what are considered the best breasts in the Philippines. This is a hot picture set and the video is even hotter. Enjoy your fantasy.

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